St. Helena, the Legend of the True Cross, and the Holy Sepulcher

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Discovery of the True Cross by Agnolo Gaddi St. Helena, the Legend of the True Cross, and the Holy Sepulcher This is a legend unlike any other. It all started with a young servant girl named Flavia Julia Helena. Born in 248 C.E. in Bithynia, a province of the [...]

10 Ways to Handle Anxiety While Traveling Abroad

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By Alyssa Ramos of If you said you felt a little anxious about traveling to the Middle East or traveling in general, you wouldn't be alone! Being in a foreign place where you don't know the culture or the language is intimidating for most and can lead to some anxiety, especially for [...]

Pilgrimage Highlight: Chartres Cathedral – The Greatest Example of French Gothic Architecture

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From One of the stops on our special summer pilgrimage through France, the Chartres Cathedral is one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture and said by some to be the most beautiful cathedral in France. Chartres Cathedral Located 80 kilometers southwest of Paris, the cathedral is a milestone in [...]

The Top 5 Things That Make Franciscan Holy Land Pilgrimages Unique

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There are many companies and organizations planning trips to the Holy Land, which is why we often get asked, “What makes you different? What is the advantage of taking a Franciscan Holy Land Pilgrimage?  What do you offer that I might not get if I traveled with another group?” Good question! And, because we hear [...]

A Helpful Travel Planning Form for Your Holy Land Pilgrimage

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Alyssa Ramos of makes a living traveling the world and sharing her expert tips with amateur travelers. Her expertise below can help you stay organized when taking a Franciscan Holy Land Pilgrimage. It has taken me [Alyssa Ramos] a while to actually create this Travel Planning Form for important trip details, because I [...]

How to Balance Taking Travel Photos While Enjoying the Moment

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Traveling Abroad by Kyla Steeves Whenever you’re traveling abroad, it can be challenging to put the camera down. Everywhere you turn, there’s picturesque landscapes, candy-colored buildings and of course, iconic landmarks. And when you’re traveling on a Holy Land Pilgrimage, each site holds spiritual significance. As a result, you might find that you’re [...]

Protect Thy Passport: Passport Safety Tips for Before You Leave Home

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by Audrey Scott Sometimes, no matter what you do, stuff happens and your passport disappears. Losing a passport or having one stolen is terrible and inconvenient, but there are a few things you can do before you leave on a Franciscan Holy Land Pilgrimage to expedite the passport replacement process. In this case, the [...]

What Is the Oberammergau Passion Play?

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The German town of Oberammergau. Oberammergau is a small town with a little over 5,000 inhabitants, nestled in the lap of the majestic Bavarian Alps, in the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Though the term “fairy-tale town” has been rather overused in the context of quintessential German towns, there is no better [...]

Pilgrimage Triumphs over Hard-hitting Winter Storm

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Barbara Ostrin’s Holy Week pilgrimage was so memorable right from the very beginning, with her trip starting with a historic storm. Her large group of 48 pilgrims almost didn’t make it out of New York City’s JFK airport. Winter Storm Toby, the fourth Nor’easter to hit the East Coast in the month of March, stranded [...]

Why are Holy Land Christians Called “Living Stones?”

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A Holy Land Christian artisan works with mother-of-pearl. Christians in the Holy Land are often referred to as “Living Stones.” This term was made popular over time since Palestinian Christians are the people who descend from the first Christians. Their ancestors were there when the Spirit fell during Pentecost, and [...]