5 Festive Activities You’ll Experience during Christmas in the Holy Land

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Experience Christmas in the Holy Land Christmas in the Holy Land is unlike Christmas anywhere else in the world. Experiencing Christmas in the Holy Land includes very special opportunities such as a walk through the ancient streets of Jerusalem, taking part in traditional Christmas parades, attending Christmas Mass, or frolicking in the snow at [...]

The First American Catholic Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

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Chronicling an Historic Pilgrimage The First American Catholic Pilgrimage to Palestine, 1889 chronicles the first Catholic pilgrimage guided by the Holy Land Franciscans 129 years ago.  The Franciscan Friars of the Holy Land, who guided Rev. James Pfeiffer and his companions all those years ago, are still guiding pilgrims through the Holy Land today. [...]

Addressing Safe Travels in the Holy Land

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Have concerns about the safety of traveling to the Holy Land? Fear no more! This handy map and the wisdom of Fr. David Wathen, OFM, Director of the Franciscan Monastery Pilgrimage Office in Washington, D.C., will help reassure you of the safety of a Franciscan Holy Land pilgrimage. The image below illustrates the path [...]

5 Compelling Reasons to Pilgrimage

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Pope St. John Paul II: Pilgrimage Helps Us Remember Our Roots Stations of the Cross, Pasierbiec City, Poland "To go in a spirit of prayer from one place to another, from one city to another, in the area marked especially by God's intervention, helps us not only to live our life [...]

Jesus Present in the Landscape

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My 2017 pilgrimage to the Holy Land began more as an escape than a spiritual journey. A friar at the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land, who is a friend, told me he was leading a 10-day pilgrimage and asked me if I was interested. I’d heard his tales of biblical places that had [...]

7 Ordinary Items to Pack for Your Holy Land Pilgrimage

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Does your pilgrimage packing list have these 7 helpful items? Regardless of how organized you are or how many lists you make, packing for a 10-day trip in a foreign country can be daunting. The Holy Land Franciscans’ 800 years of experience certainly enhance each Franciscan Holy Land Pilgrimage regardless of what ends up [...]